The show will be open to the public on Saturday 16 th November 2019 and

Sunday 17 th November 2019, from 10am to 4pm.


At Spalding Grammar School, Priory Road, Spalding, PE11 2XH




The entry fees:

£5 per adult

£3 per child and OAP

Or, please bring 2 items of food (dried or tinned, human or cat, or both) and receive a £2 discount per person.


We are supporting the following charities and donating non-perishable food to them:

Agape Care, Spalding: We are a volunteer run foodbank serving Spalding and the South Holland area. We exchange vouchers from referral agencies for a 3 day food parcel to those in crisis as a stop gap.


If you are in need, you can obtain a voucher from Citizens Advice, P3, Social Services and other support agencies.

We are open from 12-2pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays but can be contacted in an emergency on 07858 692289.

You can also email us on


If you would like to donate to us or volunteer we would also love to hear from you.


Lincs Ark Cat Rescue, South Lincs: Lincs Ark is a small charity operating in the South Lincolnshire area to rescue and    rehome cats, kittens and rabbits. Everyone involved with the group is an unpaid volunteer, with a love of animals, and each year over 170 cats, kittens and rabbits are helped.



Agape Food Bank are in desperate need of the following food:- Jam, Custard, Sponge Puddings, Rice Puddings, Tinned Meats, Milk, Tinned Fruit & Tinned Vegetables.
Lincs Ark are in need of the following:- Felix pouches (adult & kitten), Dry cat food (adult & kitten) and Tinned Adult food, please.



What will you see?

There will be in excess of 100 pedigree and non-pedigree cats, competing for titles and prizes across 5 judging rings. Each cat is in their own safe “house” and we encourage you to look, but, not touch please. If you’d like to take photos please ask the owners and turn off your flash. Also, if you’d like to stroke anyone’s cat, ask first.


You can see the judging in progress and please feel free to ask any members of the team if you would like to know more about what’s happening. You’ll discover that we’re quite a nice bunch really, if a bit obsessed by our cats.


What does judging mean?

Each cat is presented to the judges, anonymously. This means the judge will look at each cat and assess it according to the breed standard. Each breed has its own “Standard Of Points” and the judges are looking to ensure each cat meets those standards, for their own breed. Non-pedigree, household pet cats, are judged on presentation and temperament. If a cat is deemed good enough, they can then go through to a final, which is where they earn titles, regional and international points.


Further details will be in the published visitor guide, available at the show.



We always hold a raffle at TICA shows and we have got some superb prizes for the raffles, including items from    Litter-Robot, Awesome Kitten Pens, Tigga Towers & Sturdi. In addition to these, we will have the normal, high quality prizes on the table raffle. The raffle is usually drawn around 3.30pm, please feel free to enter the raffle and stay to see if you’ve been a lucky winner.



A catering unit will be provided by Unicorn Diner for breakfasts, lunches, snacks aswell as hot & cold drinks.

Email us at for more visitor information and help.

There is absolutely no smoking or vaping, within the school grounds.

Because everything is better with Tea, Cats & Cakes